Ottobre 5/2014

Ottobre – 5-2014 #5 New Boheme Jersey Tunic

This is technically version 2 of this shirt, but I’m only documenting this one. 🙂 I messed up on the neckline of the first shirt so this is my remake.

Things I Learned

  • Pockets – I needed extra help understanding the understitching of the pockets and thankfully found a tutorial for the kids’ Flycatcher tunic that describes the same process: How to sew understitching for pockets.
  • Neckline – I didn’t fully understand the instructions for the neckline facing.  I believe that I was supposed to turn the entire facing piece to the inside of the shirt, but I was worried it was going to make the neckline too wide for my tastes.  I’m so used to doing binding that I just stuck with that.  Unfortunately, either because of my fabric type or user error, the front of the neckline is a couple of small waves.  😦  This won’t prevent me from wearing it at home, but may prevent me wearing it out and about.  We’ll see.
  • Sleeves – I really like the batwing sleeves!  I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it on I can feel how comfy they make it.
Ottobre 1/2015

Ottobre – 1-2015 #9 Crocodile Hoodie

Things I Learned

  • There are different ways to do binding.  I had to try out a new way this time so raw edges wouldn’t be shown inside the hood.
  • If a stretchy knit isn’t cut carefully, it could end up misshapen.  One piece of the hood lining was too large and I had to cut it to match after I had sewn one of the seams.  Next time for the hood I will cut one piece at a time instead of doubling up and I will make sure all pieces are the same size before sewing!
Ottobre 4/2014

Ottobre – 4-2014 #16 Mushroom Jersey Top – Version 2


Things I Learned

  • Pockets – I tried to improve upon my pocket construction this time around. I was hoping to get the ribbing to be a little neater and flatter. It did turn out better… at first. Then after washing the ribbing was all wavy again. Maybe I need thicker ribbing? The stuff I used was pretty thin and stretchy.
Ottobre 4/2014

Ottobre – 4-2014 #16 Mushroom Jersey Top


Things I Learned

  • Pockets – I had never done welt pockets before and struggled so much trying to understand the Ottobre instructions.  I finally decided to take some scrap fabric and do a test.  It really helped me and made a couple mistakes on it that I was able to do correctly for the real shirt.
  • Flatlock stitching – I also hadn’t done flatlock stitching before. I had to practice a bit on before attempting it on this shirt. I’m happy with the results! Kind of a neat effect. I was worried about the stitches being too loose and coming undone over time, but it has survived a lot of washes.

This shirt was pictured on a boy in the magazine, but I think it looks great as a girl’s shirt as well.