Ottobre 3/2012

Ottobre – 3-2012 #26 Hula-Hoop Bubble Shorts

Things I Learned

  • Pockets – I really like this pocket design!  Love that they are on the side of the shorts and have elastic on the top.
  • Faux fly – I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions correctly, but I don’t know that I like the results.  I am questioning why the pattern goes through the trouble of including the faux fly panel when in the end it’s folded to the inside of the shorts and you have to top stitch the outline of it.  I ended up having to manually draw the outline so I could topstitch it correctly.  The faux fly has an opening and I just knew I would be annoyed that it would always be hanging open, so I closed it up with some Stitch Witchery…
  • Waistband – This was the first time I made an elastic waistband where the fabric wasn’t all ugly and scrunched up in my stitches!  I learned the secret: pull the elastic so the fabric is taught as you sew the casing closed!
  • Belt loops – My first time doing these.  Turned out ok.  The instructions hinted at looking to the “design illustration” for locations to place the loops, but there was no picture of where the back ones should go.  It also seems like their illustration has them lower down than mine so they must not have put them in the waist seam like I did.