Aunties Two


This sleigh is perfect for holding holiday cards or candy to put out on display on your table! I actually made three of these and gave two away as gifts this year.

The pattern calls for Peltex 72F stiff double-sided fusible interfacing. It was my first time using this interfacing and it worked well! Between that and the fact that each side of the sleigh is doubled up and sewn together (each with a piece of Peltex 72F), it has a great structure. I was surprised when I came to the step where you need to hand sew the sides to the gusset piece. I was skeptical that it would hold together well, but in the end it did! It feels very strong.

I added on some shiny red jingle bells and a glittery bow I found at Michael’s in their Christmas decor section. I hand sewed these on at the end.

Finished Size: Small - 7.5" x 5.5" x 5"
Pattern: Sleigh-Full AT602 by Aunties Two
Fabric: Naughty or Nice by BasicGrey