Ottobre 3/2015

Ottobre – 3-2015 #15 Lionella Jersey Dress

Things I Learned

  • Sleeves – It took me awhile to figure out what the instructions for the sleeves were describing.  From what I read I thought it was going to have some exposed seams which I didn’t think was correct!  Finally I pinned the pieces to replicate where I thought they would be sewn and understood what I needed to do.  Sometimes it’s just easier to play around with it than try to imagine the next steps!  Unfortunately the length of elastic tape I used was too small for my daughter’s arms — the sleeves were a little too tight.  Next time I will measure her arms first to confirm the elastic length!
  • Back strap – I was worried about how the strap across the back would turn out and I was actually pleased with the result.  I was afraid it wouldn’t be tight enough and would hang loose, but it was nice and tight.
  • Ruffles – Attaching the bottom ruffle to the bottom of the skirt panel went fine, but I had a big battle with the upper ruffle.  I’m still not sure if it was due to a mistake on my part, the type of fabric I used, or what…  For some reason my skirt panel was about 7 inches bigger than the top ruffle and I’m pretty sure stretching the ruffle wasn’t going to make up enough of that difference.  I ended up having to gather the top of the skirt panel.  It worked out ok, can’t be seen from the outside of the dress, but I know it isn’t perfect.  😦
  • Bodice size and length of dress – The bodice ended up being too small for my daughter even though the 110 size was actually supposed to be a little big for her.  You can see in the pictures the bodice is pulling in strange areas.  The length of the dress is too short too.

I ended up giving this dress to a friend’s daughter who normally wears a size 3T…  The bodice is a little roomy for her, but actually looked ok loose-fitting like that.  The length was perfect for her.  I’m still not sure if I made a mistake somewhere or this size was not right for my daughter.  If I try this dress again I’d probably go up a size or do some custom pattern changes to the bodice.  Perhaps make it longer and wider.

I really wanted this dress to work!  It’s such a cute design.