Ottobre 6/2013

Ottobre – 6-2013 #21 Cap Sleeve Pinafore Dress

Things I Learned

  • Cutting out fabric – I was just so excited to be starting this project that I didn’t realize how the pieces were going to need to be lined up until I had already cut some of them out. Surprisingly I was able to line up the rows of hearts & monkeys pretty well, however, looking at it now I see how the rows look skewed. It’s possible that this type of fabric design wasn’t made for this type of dress. The front and back of the dress are made out of 4 different panels. Next time I might use some solid colors to play up the different panels.
  • Lining – This was my first time lining a dress so I came across a couple terms I didn’t know of.  Had to search for some online tutorials.  I remember thinking “how in the world is this going to work out?”, but it did!
  • Zipper – Oh, the invisible zipper…  My first time doing this as well.  I had to install it and take it out again a few times…  It turned out ok, just a little wonky at the top.  It was functional, though!
  • Pockets – The faux pockets turned out cute!  (Also easier than real pockets!)

I really think this is a sweet, classic design.  I will definitely make this for my daughter again.