Ottobre 1/2015

Ottobre – 1-2015 #9 Crocodile Hoodie

Things I Learned

  • There are different ways to do binding.  I had to try out a new way this time so raw edges wouldn’t be shown inside the hood.
  • If a stretchy knit isn’t cut carefully, it could end up misshapen.  One piece of the hood lining was too large and I had to cut it to match after I had sewn one of the seams.  Next time for the hood I will cut one piece at a time instead of doubling up and I will make sure all pieces are the same size before sewing!
Ottobre 1/2014

Ottobre – 1-2014 #14 Lime Lemon Jersey Dress

Lime Lemon Jersey Dress as a Princess Leia costume!

Things I Learned

  • Modifications – This was my first time doing any type of pattern design modifications.  Previously I had only lengthened a shirt or shorted sleeves a couple inches.  For this dress, I lengthened the dress quite a bit and changed the shape of the sleeves in order to resemble Princess Leia’s dress.  Surprisingly, my mods worked out great on the first attempt.  🙂
  • Creativity – I loved the creativity with this project.  I found the tutorial for the belt online and was happy it turned out great as well.

I was very impressed with how this turned out!  Especially since it was my first time doing something like this.  🙂