Ottobre 4/2014

Ottobre – 4-2014 #16 Mushroom Jersey Top


Things I Learned

  • Pockets – I had never done welt pockets before and struggled so much trying to understand the Ottobre instructions.  I finally decided to take some scrap fabric and do a test.  It really helped me and made a couple mistakes on it that I was able to do correctly for the real shirt.
  • Flatlock stitching – I also hadn’t done flatlock stitching before. I had to practice a bit on before attempting it on this shirt. I’m happy with the results! Kind of a neat effect. I was worried about the stitches being too loose and coming undone over time, but it has survived a lot of washes.

This shirt was pictured on a boy in the magazine, but I think it looks great as a girl’s shirt as well.

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