This & That

The Maddilyn Pouch

What turned out to be a cute zippered pouch, was not an easy feat! I’ve made a good number of bags and pouches, but have now realized I depend on a detailed pattern with clear instructions and illustrations or photos. This is especially necessary with three-dimensional projects. In general I trust the process that the bag will all come together, but when the pattern isn’t clear I have many more doubts along the way making for a stressful time! This pattern didn’t have enough detail for me so I found it very difficult to follow.

I do love the style of the pouch. The vinyl pocket in the front is what interested me enough to buy it and the glitter vinyl that came in my kit really makes it fun! The Large size I made will hold a lot, so I’m happy with that as well.

I made some modifications along the way as I was trying to figure out the construction. I used By Annie’s Soft and Stable instead of the heavy interfacing it called for because I know Soft and Stable makes a bag stand up great! I decided to quilt the main fabric to the Soft and Stable since it isn’t fusible like the pattern called for. I also added SF101 interfacing to the zipper strip pieces because I felt that they needed more stability to hold up against wear. I regret not adding interfacing to the handle to make it a little stiffer, but the pattern didn’t call for it and I didn’t think of it at the time!

All in all, a nice looking pouch, but, man, I had troubles following the instructions along the way and was genuinely surprised it turned out the way it did!

Finished Size: 10" x 14" (Large) 
Pattern: The Maddilyn Pouch by This & That

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