Round Robin

Round Robin #9 – Mine!

Starting in January 2020 and ending in November 2020, I was a part of a “Round Robin” made up of 9 quilters formed from a quilt retreat I attended in November 2019. We each started by creating our own quilt block (minimum size of 12 inches) and mailed it to the next person in the chain. The next person would add on to the block in any way they wanted with their own fabric. When they were done they would mail it to the next person in the chain, and so on, until it finally reached the original person who would get to keep the quilt. So, we had 9 quilts rotating through our chain during the year and we would each add on to them at various stages.

See my previous Round Robin posts which show what I added to each one:

This is the finished quilt I received and I absolutely love it! See the original block I created here. It was the trees and applique birds in the middle. From there, someone added the yellow bird house, the next person added the scrappy nest in one of my trees, the next added the picket fence and cat, then came the blue flying geese blocks, then the orange bird house by another person, and each set of borders after that.

I’m so in awe with it! It is totally my style and colors. Everyone did a great job at staying with the theme and the little scene that resulted is amazing! In addition to birds, I love cats, so that was a great surprise! I don’t know any of the women personally, as we only met at the retreat one weekend and didn’t converse with each after that except to mail each other these quilt blocks.

Next up I will need to choose a backing fabric and get this on my longarm! I will have fun quilting this for sure!

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