Fat Quarter Shop, Sew Sampler Box

Feelin’ Pine Quilt

After working on a string of table runners, it feels good to complete a quilt! The Feelin’ Pine quilt pattern I used came from the November 2020 Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop. Besides the pattern, the box included the fabric, which really gives a woodsy vibe if you ask me!

The original pattern was actually designed to be pine cones and stars, but I switched the pine cone layers up a bit, added a stump and they became trees!

Original pattern design

After I had assembled the quilt I decided it needed something more. I came up with the triangle border using scraps from all of the trees and stars. It really completes the quilt!

The cool icy blue fabric with dots that seem like snow creates a wintry woods scene to me. For the quilting design my first thought was to add a swirling wind throughout the sky. Once I started I was committed — even when I realized it was going to take a long time to quilt all of those swirls! I wanted to set the trees apart a bit so I gave them some layers of snow to stand on.

The backing fabric is green with dots similar to the blue fabric on the front. It coordinates well with the elegant striped binding. I can’t wait to pull this quilt out this winter to enjoy!

Finished Size: 59" x 67"
Pattern: Feelin' Pine Pattern exclusive to the Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler Box for November 2020
Fabric: Folktale by Lella Boutique for Moda
Doug Leko, Tabletastic! 2

Southfields Table Runner

When I saw the Southfields table runner pattern in the Tabletastic! 2 book, I immediately thought it would be a great design to use with some patriotic fabric for a Fourth of July display. I gathered up some various red, white & blue prints I had been saving for just this type of project. It was a week before the Fourth at this point, but I was hopeful I could get it done in time! Of course other things got in the way and here we are in August. Let’s not call this late for Fourth of July 2021, but instead, really early for 2022! 🙂

I arranged my fabrics similarly to what was shown in the pattern — forming a gradient-like effect with dark blues in the corner squares going to lighter colors in the middle on each side. Planning and arranging the fabric probably took the longest, after that piecing it together went smoothly. I think it turned out well and gives out the festive vibe I was hoping for!

Finished Size: 15" x 45"
Pattern: Southfields table runner from the Tabletastic! 2 book by Doug Leko/Antler Quilt Designs

Doug Leko, Tabletastic! 2

Manchester Table Runner

The brightly colored strips with loud prints paired with a black solid is not my usual color combination, but I picked out this Manchester Table Runner kit from Millie P’s Quilt Shop and really love how it turned out! Sometimes you need to try something completely different from your norm. This is the third of three Tabletastic! 2 table runners I made during the shop’s virtual retreat in June.

This runner was assembled in such an interesting way using many strip sets and attaching them in an alternating pattern. Since the fabric is definitely the main feature, I kept my quilting very simple and only stitched in the seam lines to accentuate the shapes of the triangles and strips. Any other detailed quilting would have surely gotten lost!

Although this is a smaller runner at only 12 inches wide, I found it fits perfectly on my china buffet in my dining room!

Finished Size: 12" x 34"
Pattern: Manchester table runner from the Tabletastic! 2 book by Doug Leko/Antler Quilt Designs
Fabric: Kaffe Fassett Collective by Kaffe Fassett for Free Spirit Fabrics


One Hour Pouch

What a quick and easy project! This One Hour Pouch from Millie P’s Quilt Shop is true to its name. I don’t usually sew very fast, so I was skeptical this would only take an hour, but it really did go fast.

After quilting the exterior and interior fabrics to Soft and Stable, the assembly is a breeze thanks to the 18″ Zippity Do Done Zipper the pattern calls for. I had never used one of these special zippers before and was very impressed with the process. The zipper has a built-in casing in which you simply put the edge of the bag body between the casing and top stitch it down. No need to create separate zipper strips, avoiding the multiple steps it usually takes to install a zipper. I will definitely use these zippers again!

This is a great, easy pouch that would be perfect to give as a gift! Millie P’s includes this pattern with their One Hour Pouch kits which are sold on their online shop.

Finished Size: 7" height x 7.5" wide x 2.5" depth
Pattern: One Hour Pouch by Millie P's Quilt Shop
Fabric: Sew Now! Sew Wow! by Alexander Henry Fabrics

Doug Leko, Tabletastic! 2

Eden Park Table Runner

The second table runner I completed from the virtual retreat I attended is Eden Park from Tabletastic! 2. I hadn’t made a design such as this before, so it was fun to try something new!

The thin strips called for in the pattern made this runner a little more difficult to make and keep things from going askew, but it was a good skill builder! I’ve learned that accuracy is so important with something like this.

Since the interesting shape these blocks create is the highlight of the runner, I kept the quilting very simple and did straight-line quilting around the shapes.

Finished Size: 18" x 45"
Pattern: Eden Park table runner from the Tabletastic! 2 book by Doug Leko/Antler Quilt Designs
Fabric: Notting Hill by Amy Smart for Riley Blake

Reviews, Sewing Room

Meet my new machine! – Vintage White 2134

I wasn’t in the market for another sewing machine, but my latest just appeared and I couldn’t pass it up! It all started when my mom was trying to decide what to do with her old sewing desk. It was in rough shape and had been sitting unused for a long time. It was an extra piece of furniture that was moved a few times over the years, had somehow lost all of its varnish and looked so weathered. It had originally been her mother’s.

We proceeded to take a closer look at the desk to see what exactly was inside of it. The most we were expecting was perhaps some old items in the drawers, but much to our surprise, she opened the top and there was a sewing machine inside! She had no idea it was hidden in the desk these past 30+ years.

This vintage White brand machine, model number 2134, was her machine and dates back to somewhere around the mid-1960’s to 1970. When we lifted it up from inside the desk, it was understandably dirty and covered in flakes of varnish. I plugged it in and the motor worked! It was a bit difficult to move the needle at first, but I later oiled it up and got it moving great again. It can sew a straight stitch and a zig zag. The exterior cleaned up well, too! Luckily with just a bit of Dawn soap and water, it now looks nearly pristine! Spending so much time out of the daylight probably helped to keep it looking so good.

The machine weighs a lot with its metal body and all metal insides. This also makes it an awesome heavy-duty machine. Once I had it running smoothly, I put it to the test with multiple layers of fabric and foam stabailizer that I use for making bags to see if it could handle it. The layers quickly and easily glided through with a great stitch!

Since it was clear I needed to keep this machine and give it a new sewing life, I had to do something about its cabinet. The cabinet originally held a Singer machine (which is long gone) and after some research I found it is called the Singer Art Deco Cabinet #42. I looked up pictures to see what it once might have looked like and came across some copies of orignal advertisements for the desk.

I have never been interested in refinishing furniture, but I thought I’d give this a shot. I stripped off what little stain remained and got to work re-staining it. These pictures show how much of a difference adding one coat of stain was next to the bare wood it had become.

After a week of work, I absolutely love how it turned out! It definitely has new life and looks so fancy with its glossy finish. It actually makes the machine look even better! The desk now resides in my living room because there is no room left in my sewing room. Oh well. It is such a fine piece of furniture that it looks better there anyway! I will just have to make a point to sew out there sometimes.

I also stained and re-covered the stool to complete the makeover. My piano bench was overdue to be reupholstered and I had already purchased some home decor fabric for it months ago. I took the measurements and realized I had exactly enough fabric to cover both pieces! Since they are right next to each other in my living room, they now tie together so well.

From this experience, I can see why some like to rescue and restore vintage machines. I enjoyed taking apart the machine and analyzing how the gears work to get it back to working order. It’s such a great machine it deserves to be used again! With this resoration complete I better get sewing!

Doug Leko, Tabletastic! 2

Cotswolds Table Runner

Table runners are perhaps one of my favorite types of quilting projects to make. You get the experience of making the quilt blocks, but you don’t have to make too many of them. Plus, the time it takes to quilt and bind the finished product is so fast compared to a large quilt!

Earlier in June, I attended a weekend-long virtual quilt retreat run through Millie P’s Quilt Shop. The theme of the retreat was “Tabletastic 2” and we were to make three specific table runners from Doug Leko’s new Tabletastic! 2 book. This book is excellent, as is its predecessor, Tabletastic!, with high-quality step-by-step instructions for a variety of runners and table toppers. Through demos and instruction from the staff at Millie P’s all weekend, I was able to complete all three runners during the retreat. What a fun event! As a bonus, there was even a guest appearance by Doug on our Zoom call. It was so great to be able to meet him!

So far in my quilting journey, star blocks are my favorite. The unique interlocking stars in the Cotswolds runner really appealed to me and it was fun to make. As precise as I was trying to be, I still managed to lose a few star points… Not sure what went wrong there, but I think it happened while trimming my flying geese blocks. So, per recommendation of the Millie P’s staff, I have now purchased an Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler which I hope will help me next time!

For a smaller project like this I could have quilt it on my regular sewing machine, but I decided to throw all three runners on the longarm to get more practice. For the quilting on this one, I experimented a bit to try to emphasize the interlocked shape the stars create by making a design that flows from one star into the next. I also played around with the negative space around them.

Stay tuned for the other two runners coming soon! 🙂

Finished Size: 16" x 48"
Pattern: Cotswolds table runner from the Tabletastic! 2 book by Doug Leko/Antler Quilt Designs
Fabric: Sophie by Brenda Riddle for Moda

Sew Sweetness

Moto Pouches

What better way to celebrate my birthday than by completing eight Moto pouches! Yes, today is my big day and I finished up the last of these pouches for my Girl Scout troop. Well, seven are for them and one is for me to hold my troop leader gear! I started leading my daughter’s troop this year and with all the virtual Zoom meetings we had to endure due to the pandemic, the girls deserve a fun end-of-the-year gift.

When set out to start this project I already had all the supplies I needed. I had found this Junior badges fabric at Joann’s in the clearance section for 80% off awhile ago. I didn’t know what I’d do with it at the time, but the price was right so I grabbed a few yards! It’s flannel but works surprisingly well for a pouch. I also used two different lining fabrics and zippers from my stash.

This was a fairly quick make thanks to the great pattern instructions and follow-along video from Sew Sweetness. I made these assembly line style, which I feel is the most efficient way to go when you want to make a lot of the same thing!

I experimented a bit by applying OdiCoat Waterproof Gel to the lining fabrics. This way the bags can easily be wiped clean if the girls put toiletries or something messy inside them. This was my first time using OdiCoat and I was very impressed with it! You can feel that the lining has a different texture. I’ll definitely use it again.

I wanted to add a little something extra to the pouches and found these Pop-It toy keychains. Fidget toys are all the rage right now with these girls, so I know they’ll be excited for this bonus gift. These will be fun zipper pulls for the bags.

Finished Size: Large - 9-1/2” long x 5” tall x 2-1/2” wide
Pattern: Moto pouch from the Minikins Season One Bundle by Sew Sweetness
Fabric: Girl Scouts Junior Badges flannel from Joann Fabrics
Cluck Cluck Sew

Easter Tulips Table Runner

The last of my spring tulip projects is complete! When I saw this Easter Tulips table runner pattern and fabric kit at a quilt shop, I couldn’t resist. I like the modern style and colors. While I was making this runner, I also made extra tulips and turned them into pillow covers and a wall hanging. It was a great way to work on multiple projects at once!

This runner turned out a bit wider than I was expecting. I almost feel like it’s too big for my table and it would be better as a wall hanging. I might add a hanging sleeve to the back and hang it up next year, but it certainly gives a nice pop of color on my table for now!

I quilted this on my longarm using a curved ruler to mimic petal and leaf shapes. I’m still getting the hang of the machine and fighting a bit with getting the thread tension settings just right but it’s going better each project I quilt!

Finished Size: 17.5" x 46"
Pattern: Easter Tulips from Modern Holiday Table Runners by Cluck Cluck Sew